Drone Roof Inspections

This service is offered with the use of a DJI drone.  All flights are in accordance with CAA guidelines and all drone pilots hold the necessary certification and insurance.  Flight planning and risk assessments are always carried out before any flights can commence.  During this shoot, pictures will be taken from multiple angles.

  • Top down vertical shot (maximum altitude set at 400 feet).
  • Front, sides and rear shots from different altitudes.
  • Corner shots from different altitudes.
  • Areas identified that need attention will get close up shots (camera zoom).
  • A full 360 degree video will be taken of the property.
  • Fly over videos of the property will be taken if required.

Want to know more, drop me a note at mhall@3dhphotography.com or phone me anytime on 07969 920 694 (I'm also available on WhatsApp).